Projects and Attachments

Honours Projects

As part of the four year physics honours degree at NUS, students spend two semesters on a research project. In the CQT Quantum Optics group we can host several honours students, depending on the availability of space and time. Our projects combine optical and quantum physics with a number of experimental techniques (e.g. basic electronics, basic optical design, simple data acquisition programming). Feel free to contact us - we don't always specify explicit projects because it depends on what comes up in the lab and the student's experience. Come by for an informal chat to discuss what the projects are about or discuss variations, or check out some of our past projects.

For the coming semester (AY21/22), we have not explicitly formulated projects, but feel free to get in touch with us to discuss a few options.

Do contact us, either via email or through one of our team members!

UROPS and SPS Projects

These are optional one semester projects for undergraduates that can be used to offset some of the coursework modular credits. These projects are simpler and tend to be confined to a small aspect of a larger research project. Some times they develop into Honours projects - or more...

Past examples include:


We occasionally host people that do not fit into any of the other categories. This can include for example people doing e.g. Diploma work, internships, or people who are bonded to work in Singapore because they received some scholarship (A-Star scholars for example).